Monday, April 23, 2012

T's 15th Birthday

The day after we got home from Florida, we headed over to the Shaw's for some chocolate waffles and early celebration of T's 15th birthday. 

Birthday Breakfast

Yesterday, we celebrated her birthday with a nice dinner, cake, and balloon wishes. The weather has been SO lovely! We ate outside with the fam, including Shaw family, husband/fiance, Grandma and Grandpa Shaw, Hailey, and Jeanna. We laughed, told jokes, stories, highlighted T, ate some "Perry the Platypus" cake and ice cream that W made, and let our balloons go. 

(W made this all on her own! I am TERRIBLY impressed!)

(Everyone is intently listening to me give my highlight of T.)

(Singing "Happy Birthday" as we let our balloons go. Please pay attention to P.)

(Our gift to Chee. We found it in Florida. LOVE Vera Bradley.)

Some pics I had to squeeze in!


B is in charge of our "travel" blogging. Story and pics of Florida coming soon.
And maybe a pic of 5 1/2 months prego.

P.S. If you haven't heard already...the rumors are true. We are having TWINS. Twin BOYS. TWO BABIES. AT ONE TIME. TWO BOY BABIES. TWO BOY BABIES AT ONE TIME.
Any prayers you care to offer in our behalf are greatly appreciated. :)
The "new" Johnson Family Motto:

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