Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a lovely Easter Sunday. There is nothing better than having ALL of your family around. The Johnson's traveled up to Cottonwood Heights for Easter dinner with the Shaw's. We ate outside, talked, laughed, and enjoyed the perfect weather. Mama made this beautiful Easter cake. Cute, right? I was very proud of her.

(Brando and Shane)

(Parker, Carson, Joey, and Whit playing some Bocce Ball.)

(Cuties Tay and Hailey)

(Beautiful women in my life: Mama, Mama J, Whit, and Teresa)

(Couple Pic. I haven't decided on showing belly yet. Maybe next time?)
In other news, we find out this Friday whether we're having Baby Girl or Baby Boy. I think this will be a LONG week for me! Happy Easter to all friends, family, peers. Feeling very grateful for my Savior and the hope and joy He brings to me and my sweet little family.  Oh how I love this little family of mine!


  1. i wanna see i wanna see i wanna see a pregnant belly!!!!!!

  2. Megan...I don't know if Whit told you, but I'm a blog stalker. Your blog is so fun to read, and I have to admit that I spent a few days (a while back) reading the entire thing! I'm voting that we have your mom make the wedding cake cuz that one is so very cute! I love the pictures of everyone playing bocce...cuz that's what my family would be doing if we were all together on Easter! I'm excited to hear about baby girl or baby boy! Yay! So exciting!

  3. Aubri, you're so great! I think mom did a great job on the Easter cake, but I am SO looking forward to your creation for the wedding! Thank you for all your sweet words. We sure love you guys! P.S. Nikki, I feel HUGE. I'm not going to be as adorable as you were...but I'm feeling brave to post a quick pic after our ultrasound on Friday. ;)