Monday, April 30, 2012

LAUGHING on a Bunch of Birch Birthdays

G & G Birch invited us over to their house for some birthday celebration yesterday. We ate dinner, had cupcakes, played some "birthday" trivia games, released birthday balloons, and had a "rousing" game of Scattergories. If it isn't evident by these pics, there was A LOT of laughing. That's the way I like it.

(Scott, Misty, Darrin, Dakota, and Ashley)

(Grandma and Jenna relating their shopping experience in California.)

(Lori. The best is when Shane, B, Carl get her laughing til' she gets teary. It's just the best.)


(Landon showing us "how it's done"...or not?)

In other news, I have "employed" some local teenagers to help me get this house ready for when the twins arrive. This includes: Cleaning EVERYWHERE, yard work, sewing projects for nursery, putting together freezer meals, painting, organizing, re-arranging furniture, etc. 
If you know of anyone interested, we pay a whopping $4.00/hr. 
Pretty awesome, huh? 
(That was for Shane, who is in current need of summer employment...
which, if you know of anything, let B or I know!)

My Goal: Get these babes here as close to due date as possible. 
I don't think being on my hands and knees to scrub floors or paint walls is conducive to that plan. 
Neither is moving furniture or pulling weeds. 
But it needs to be done. And B can't do it all. (Although, he is pretty amazing.)
So, we came to an agreement.
My goal: Get items on my list checked off.
B's goal: Keep hormonal wife from having a COMPLETE meltdown.

Our solution seems to be working pretty well so far.
Although, this was T's reaction when we told her we were working in the yard on Saturday:

She enjoys yard work as much as my husband does.
Which = NOT AT ALL. :)

Photographs by B. Johnson (the bomb)

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