Saturday, June 11, 2011

A good start to summer!

Besides the awful weather June started off with...'s actually beginning to look and feel like summer. I LOVE summer, and not just because my birthday happens to fall in the middle of it. Summer is just simply....lovely. And the beginning of our Summer 2011 has already provided us with fond memories. Take a look!

We officially started summer with a trip down to St. George, UT to visit my sweet grandparents.

What did we do for 3 days? 

Played cards, ate good food, and enjoyed every ounce of sunshine. :)

Cutie #1 and Cutie #2

B also found a new friend.

I almost forgot the best part of our short vacation: BOWLING!
(G&G were not going to play, but watching us made them jealous.)

We also celebrated an old roommate's upcoming wedding!
Allen + Alisa = LOVE

It was so fun to spend time with other old roomies. 
We laughed at old jokes and new jokes, talked about marriage and babies, and how much we missed each other.
  It was fantastic.

Congratulations Alisa!

There's nothing like a small town parade to celebrate SUMMER. 
Lori and Carl invited us to Saratoga Springs Parade 
(Complete with candy, fire trucks, and Lehi Roundup Royalty!)

In other news, we had to say goodbye to our sweet puppy, Yoda
Although it was time for him to go, nothing is harder than saying goodbye to a member of your family. Luckily, I was able to capture some lovely pictures before.
Rest in peace, sweet puppy.

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