Friday, July 15, 2011

A house, a birthday, and another epic vacation...

It seems like a lot has happened within the past month or so. The biggest event so far in our married lives (besides getting married) has been moving into a house! A sweet couple in my parent's stake are leaving to serve as mission presidents in Guatemala (yes, same mission where missionary was attacked by a lion recently) and they asked us to watch their house for 3 years. It was quick and last-minute, because they were planning on family moving in, but it fell through. They called us up. We went over. We made the deal. And now I'm sitting in my BIG, BEAUTIFUL, living room enjoying the morning sun streaming through the window and just...enjoying life. :)

I also had a birthday. My 26th, to be exact. I guess you would consider this my "golden" birthday, since my birthday falls on the 26th of June. And it did feel golden. Why? We moved into a HOUSE. B made breakfast for me in BED. And gave me a new lens for my CAMERA. We had our first PARTY at our new HOUSE with our amazing FAMILY. And it is warm, sunny, warm, sunny, WARM and SUNNY outside!!

(i love this picture.)

I think there was a "theme" in birthday balloon wishes:

(my favorite balloon)

Thanks to all fam and friends for a beautiful birthday. 
Especially my hunky husband. 
I love you. 


My family invited B and I to come with them on my family's annual river trip down the Snake River in Idaho. B has never been on an "official" white water rafting adventure, so he was excited. We also invited B's brother Shane. 

(pay attention to how "yoked" my auntie and uncle's arms are. ridiculous.)

*Side note: The water was icky brown instead of beautiful and clear because of all the run-off. The river was flowing at 25,600 when we ran it. The HIGHEST we've ever run that river before. It was a blast.

Besides this:

A rope from the boat got loose and fell into the river right before the pull-out and while they were trying to row up to it so people could grab it, they missed the pull-out all together.  To make a long story short: They ended up going over a waterfall and through a class 5 rapid. They lost the 2 on the back: Chee Chee and cousin Crystal. Luckily, prayers were answered and everyone ended up back in the boat and safe. We had to go pick them up down in the reservoir in Alpine. 

(The crew praying, giving thanks for their safety.)

(Everybody trying to tell us what happened. I love Chee's face. Poor things.)

All around, it was a great trip! Thanks family!

(B was really excited to see this arch of antlers.)


I know. Gorgeous.

(that's right.)

Until next year....

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