Saturday, October 2, 2010

Thinkin' about something...

So, I'm thinking when Brandon and I were standing in line chatting it up for the first time at the Salt Lake Greek Festival, he did not imagine this:

That's right, I dragged the boyfriend to a HANSON concert. Actually, I didn't have to drag too hard, and it was really mostly the influence of Whit- Hanson's number 1 fan. When we first started dating, I warned him that W loves, LOVES Hanson. Of course his first response was "You mean the boys that look like girls?" Yeah....them. Anyway, when he met Whit the first night, she eventually made him watch one of their music videos. Then she asked if he wanted to come to their concert with us. He asked her "Is Hanson worth $30?"
Of course, her response to that is "That was hurtful."

He came anyway, that trooper of mine.

So, I brought W's new camera and she asked if we would take pics and film some songs. So, we're standing in the crowd, trying to figure out the light settings and this random guy comes up to us asking if he could take our picture. We didn't mind, so he grabs the camera and just starts snapping picture after picture while asking if we're stoked about the concert.

We didn't see him again, until...

Right then Brandon turns to me as I turn to him in total disbelief and says
"Um ... that's the guy that took our picture." Lead singer. Of the opening band. Right on.

After a couple of bands, Hanson came out and they were great! I mean that honestly- they were amazing. Def a good show. Def. I would go again. (W paid me nothing to say that.) I was even impressed with boyfriend for dancing to the tunes and taking pictures and video. Oh how lovely he is.
We saw Hanson in concert. It rocked.
And I like this boyfriend of mine more and more everyday. ;)

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