Sunday, October 10, 2010

BYU vs San Diego State

P decided he'd had enough of the Cougars and relinquished his ticket so boyfriend could accompany me to the football game. Brandon informed me that he didn't have one single BYU t-shirt. Of course, there was NO way he was wearing any shirt with an A on it in Cougar Stadium! (We needed all the help we could get. No distractions ;)) So, during a girl's day out, Nycole and I stopped by Walgreens and picked one up. And...dang. I just wanna kiss him.

In fact... I think I will.

Check out the girl behind us. Annoyed? Grossed out?
Or...totally in awe of how awesome we are. Yeah, I'm going with that one.


  1. Definitely in awe of how awesome you are :)

  2. So you're dating an Aggie, huh? I knew you would come around one day or another... I am WAY excited, we NEED to get together and chill (but not in Logan, we'd freeze instead) LOVE YOU!!!!