Sunday, October 3, 2010

Let me catch you up.

Ever feel like you're living in a whirlwind? That's what the past 3 weeks have felt like for me. A whirlwind. Sometimes I look back and think "This is crazy! So crazy, crazy!"
It may be crazy, but it's mine.

On September 11th, I grudgingly walked up to my friend's doorstep to pick her up for The SLC Greek Festival downtown, which she wanted to do for her birthday. I was cranky. When I walked through the door, I noticed a boy and a girl that I recognized from my ward, but didn't know very well. I offered to drive and we headed downtown. After about a half an hour of being there, we decided to stand in line to get food. As we stood there, I noticed that my friend was gone. Great. I didn't know where she had gone, so I turned to the boy. Realizing this would be more awkward if I just stood there, I decided to talk to him.
I've been grateful for that decision ever since.

Dating is a funny thing. Usually I would say it's extremely stressful, confusing, and just plain hard. But this round has been fantastically easy. I love it. It's enjoyable, exciting, and fun! I never thought I would use those words, but I am. It's true. It has been a crazy couple of weeks, but oh so enjoyable. I'm constantly asking Brandon "Is this crazy for you? Are we going too fast? You let me know when this gets old, but FYI..... it's not getting old for me."

Who knows what the future holds, but I'm enjoying every minute.
Every. Single. Minute.
It's quite refreshing. ;)

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