Sunday, August 8, 2010

Still so much to say!!

We've talked about this day for so long...and now it's your turn:

This fall will mark 17 years from the day I saw Nat B. in Mrs. Anderson's 3rd grade class. She was the new girl. Come to find out she and her family moved down the street into our ward. It's all history from there.

Nat was born in December and I was born in June, so she did everything first-entering y/w's, getting a drivers license, and now...getting hitched. Oh how I love her and her adorable new hubby! Congrats babe! You make a beautiful bride. Love you to the moon!

Snake River and Afton WY's own Elkhorn Family Resturant:

4:30 am- Me and 3 fantastic female friends packed up our swimsuits and pillows in my car and headed up to Alpine, WY to meet W and a group of friends to raft the Snake River. It was quite fun, except our last run it started to wind, rain, and hail to the point we pulled off to the side because we were completely worn out from paddling so hard. It was a real exhilarating and exhausting experience.

We left around 7:30 pm that evening because I had to teach RS in the morning. As we passed through Alpine, we all started to get a little hungry. We kept saying "Okay, the next place we see, we stop." Of course, none of the places we passed were sounding too good, until we entered Afton, WY. As we drove through main street, my friend Megan yelled "Elkhorn Family Resturant! Stop! Let's eat there!". I pulled the car around, parked on the street, and we hopped out. It was like a ghost town. We looked at the shops and saw everything closed at 5 pm.
We noticed an "OPEN" sign on the resturant door, so we decided to go in. As we entered, this is what we saw: Of course, I started to giggle while Megan grabbed my arm. We all look at each other like "Where are we?" Megs goes to see if anyone is there, when a lady comes out and says "We're open. Find a seat." As we get seated in one of the booths, Bre just bursts out laughing, HARD. I look around to see what she is pointing at and this is what I see:
Yes, the Savior, Joseph Smith, Thomas S. Monson, and...John Wayne (you can't see in the pic). Wow. Nothing could have prepared me for that. I think that the total exhaustion we were all feeling at that point made it completely and intolerably hilarious and caused an overwhelmingly long period of pure gut laughing...tears and all. Just the whole scene...even down to the fish tank full of guppies you would probably catch in the local pond, the salad bar completely bare, and the dessert display holding one piece of pie, cleaning supplies, and rusty tools.

The food ended up being quite good, though. The meat especially. As I told my friend, it was probably because they had just butchered ol' Bessie out back. But, it didn't matter. Even seeing our chef, an old man with crazy Einstein-ish white hair, dirty apron, and black hands leave the bathroom didn't stop us. We just watched the man, looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders, and then laughed. There was nothing we could do about it now. It was already in our tummies. We just prayed we didn't get gonorrhea or some other freakish virus, because we passed the local medical clinic on the way in...and that left room for doubt. As I told my friend, knowing my luck the local doctor would also be the local butcher, baker, and candlestick maker. Yep, knowing my luck.

So, we got back in the car, headed home, completely and totally drained. My dear friend Nycole offered to drive so I could sleep in the back. But I ached too much. And poor Nycole had to keep stopping and going...stopping and going...b/c the road was not lit well and she didn't know where to turn. When we stopped for gas in Evanston, I will never forget Bre's comment "I can't sleep. The stopping and going is making me nervous." and then she turned to look at me "I'm too tired to die!"

Another classic road trip for the books.

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