Sunday, August 8, 2010

So much to say, I can't even contain myself!

I don't know why it has taken me this long to post anything when there has been so much going on. Do you ever have experiences or discussions or thoughts that you just think "I should write this down." or "I should share this." ? That's how I've felt about a lot of things the past couple months. So, I have gone through all my pics and will narrate stories as I come across photos. Brace yourself.

4th of July!

What a great time of year. I don't think anything really says Fourth of July for me than Uncle Dick and Aunt Nina's yearly breakfast. Our family dresses up in festive primary colors and we head up north to Kaysville for a little sit under the shady trees, feasting on pancakes, eggs, bacon and fruit. We enjoy each other's company. There's lots of laughing and little kids running around every where. Usually, a big part of the group head to Kaysville's water parade and then head back for more water fun. The Shaw fam usually heads back to SLC...just too cool for the pool I guess. Or "the general" doesn't want to miss his afternoon nap. Either way, we headed back after we ate and took some pics.

This picture makes me weepy every time. GPTG (short of GramPa Thomas Gary) has had heart problems lately. W and I took a trip down to St. George after his angiogram. He is doing well. It doesn't mean we weren't terrible worried, though. W and I went out to Olive Garden one of the nights we were down there. As we sat outside waiting for our table, a little old man and his sweet daughter who was in her 60's sat down in front of us. We could hear their conversation as she read him a birthday letter from his other daughter, who asked about his recent angiogram. Both of them laughed as they talked about old memories. Then, the little man took out money from his pocket and gave it to his daughter. She protested "No daddy! This is your birthday! I can't take money from you!" Then he told her " I know you're struggling right now. You take this. You deserve it." With tears in her eyes she hugged her elderly father and said "Oh thank you daddy. I love you." Of course, as you've probably guessed, the tears welled up, the floodgates opened, and I just couldn't hold it in. The sweet spirit and love that beamed from this tender relationship was overwhelming. I thought of my sweet GP and how much I love him and how much he loves me. I also thought of my own father and how well he takes care of me. I can see right through that "general" of mine...he loves me.

It was a nostalgic time for me as I chatted up the parentals from the back seat of general's truck on the way home from the 4th of July breakfast. I asked about what 4th of July was like for them when they were younger. With Three Dog Night's "Shambala" playing in the background, we talked about pink candy-covered popcorn, vintage cars, fireworks, and picnics. We discussed patriotism and how it's changed over the years. With recently watched "Band of Brothers" looming in the back of my mind, we talked about WWII and the brave men and women who have sacrificed and fought valiantly for this country and the freedom we have...the freedom we take for granted. I reflected on my own life and the blessings I have been given, including my right to get an education, practice my relgion freely and provide for myself. Although things aren't perfect, that memory of sitting in the car with my family that day was perfect and things were good and right, even if for a small moment. I realized I really do love my life, even with all its little imperfections. I love America and I love being an American. I hope that I never forget what that means and the responsibility I have to continue that legacy of faith and courage. I hope I never forget the peace and liberty I enjoy everyday because of those who fought for right and truth. Most of all, I hope I never forget days like these. Because these are good days. :)

A "bestie" is tying the knot...and we are going to shower her in celebration!

We threw a bridal shower for close friend Nat B. It was grand fun! Ever since we were 14 years old and we attended a bridal shower where my mom, being my mom, brought the most "scandalous" gift of the night...Nat has dreaded this day. Of course, mom lived up to her reputation, even making Nat's mom blush. It's just not a bridal shower without some Cori Shaw signature style. Luckily, everyone survived and that little gift might have already come in handy...forgive me. That was inappropriate. Must be in the genes.

A little decoration:

A little shmoozing:

I love this fabulous lady's style...and her bargain-shopping skills. When she starts her "frugal fashionista" blog, I will be her biggest follower. Guaranteed.

Mmm...yummy. I could just eat them.

A little "showering" of gifts:

A litte fun and "scandal":

Here she comes.... can't be that bad in a cute little box like that.

Or, maybe it could.

Yeah, I'd put it back quick. My goodness. The scandal. Honestly.

That Cori Shaw. Those poor children.

Love you, Tolly.

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