Sunday, August 22, 2010


There are a couple of things I forgot this weekend:

#1 How good the temple feels. (I forgot I was supposed to take T to the temple so she could perform baptism for a family name we received. After forgeting how to get to the baptismal font in the Salt Lake Temple, we ended up having to walk almost the whole distance around while hunched over grabbing my skirt every 2 seconds because I forgot a slip.)

#2 How much I love T's company (Of course, I wanted to document this blessed memory, only to realize I forgot my SD card. Plan foibled. So, I treated her to lunch at Nordstrom Bistro instead. It was lovely, until I realized I forgot cash for a tip. After 5 min of trying to explain to my waiter Dave that I was just going to add the tip to the bill, T getting embarrassed, and people watching intently, we finally understood each other, he got his fabulous tip, and we got the heck out of there.)
#3 P's first highschool football game vs. Davis Highschool (I had to cancel plans with good friends so I could support my buddy. We picked up grandma and headed to Kaysville for a pre-game dinner with aunt and uncle. I forgot how much I love and appreciate my uncle's quirkiness until he had us sit and watch "music videos" of 50's love songs and an episode of Glenn Beck.)

#4 That it's still August and wearing a cardigan and tiger stripe bandana around my neck was a BAD idea. (I was trying to look like a true Bengal fan, but blazing sun had other plans. Oh how much I love aunt and cousin for coming to P's game, sitting with us on the Bengal side even though they are Davis alumni, wasting away in the heat, and to top it off- we lost 35-0. What wonderfully supportive troopers they are.)

Before and After the heat stroke:

We're both lookin' a little soggy.

#5 That I promised a friend I would go to the singles' boating trip up at Jordanelle. (I woke up at 7am CRANKY. I forgot how much I HATE getting in a swimsuits at a singles' activity and how much I HATE boating. It's funny, though, because I grew up white water rafting and living summer outdoors, but for whatever reason I don't like boating. Maybe it's because the last time I tried to waterski I spent an hour landing flat on my face and feeling like my arms were going to fall off. It's a bummer. I really wish things were different...and I almost thought they might be until 15 minutes out on the lake we realized we were taking in water because someone FORGOT to put the plug back in. I guess the plug is really you need it so your boat doesn't sink or something like that.)
This cute girl had to dive under the boat and stick in the plug. Luckily, I DIDN'T FORGET my goggles! It was too good a moment to not catch on camera. We thought we were good until about 3 hours later, the plug fell out. We had to call it a day.

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