Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Pie Making Tuesday

It's become a tradition to make pies 
with Grandma Shaw a couple days before Thanksgiving. 
This year, I brought the children. 

They enjoyed playing with the scraps of dough 
and Aunt Dee Dee even made them some pie crust cookies, which they loved! 

But the real highlight of the day was 
listening to my grandmother play the piano. 

She even allowed Liam and Finn to sit beside her and "play" as she did. 
I constantly urged them to play a little more quietly so we could hear Grandma, 
but she got a chuckle out of watching their intensity and vigor. 

After getting everyone packed up in the van, 
I half-jokingly apologized for the 
Johnson Family Circus I brought through her door! 

To which Grandma replied 
"You have made my Thanksgiving. 
No matter how much anyone enjoyed their holiday, 
it will never compare to the fun I've had today."

Another day not to be forgotten. 

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