Monday, November 21, 2016

Letters to Santa

The children asked me to help them write letters to Santa this afternoon. We went to the Dollar Store and picked out some fun stickers and tape they could use to decorate their letters. I helped them spell out "Dear Santa" with stickers and then asked them what they wanted to write and/or ask Santa for.

Liam asked for glue and a Paw Patrol truck. 
Finn asked for Legos. 
Kate said "I love you!" 

We put the letters in envelopes, wrote out Mr Claus' address, put a stamp on each letter, and drove up to the mailbox to deliver them. It was magical to talk about where Santa lives, how the letters get to him, how he delivers presents to every person, and pretending to be Santa's little helper elves.

The boys made Pilgrim hats at preschool. Liam insisted on wearing his all day.

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