Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Another Birthday for our B-man!

B's birthday was today and I wanted to spoil him special. So I had him take the whole day off of work and we spent time eating, eating, shopping, playing, eating, and eating. It was pretty awesome. 

We woke up, got the kids dressed, dressed ourselves and headed down the street to Kneader's Bakery for some endless french toast. That stuff is terribly delicious and so rich! We got one refill and couldn't make it through the entire thing.

(B and mini-B)

After breakfast we came home, laid babies down for morning naps, showered, woke babies up and bathed them, and headed out again. This time, we went to lunch at Brick Oven before getting our shopping on!

Next stop was Scheels for some new tennis shoes for B. And checking out shot guns, fish tanks, and stuffed grizzly bears. Yeah, shopping with husband and kids is a bit different than shopping with sisters. I was just amazed B agreed to any kind of shopping at all. ;)

I surprised B with some time at the shooting range. Earlier this year, B and I got our concealed firearm permits and I'm surprised how much we both enjoy going out and practice shooting. (Okay, I have to give a plug for this amazing man. We aren't much for getting super political, but B wrote down some thoughts about firearms. You can find it here and give it a quick read. Trust me, it's worth your time.)

Wait? More food? Yep. Dinner at Paradise Bakery with B's parents. Then back to our house for some cake, balloon wishes, and highlighting this birthday guy. (So, you would think I learned my lesson with making the boys' birthday cake earlier this year, but I attempted it again. B's favorite candy is candy corn, so I got this "great" idea to make a candy corn cake. I was up until midnight last night finishing it and it did fall apart a bit, but B was pleased. That's all that matters, right? Oh man.)


And a reminder that you are loved and adored SO incredibly much.
Love, Megs and your beautiful kids

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