Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hair be gone!

The boys got their first haircut on Tuesday. They aren't my little babies any more, they are my little boys! At least that's what they look like. My good friend agreed to cut their hair at the same time she cut mine. I had her mama hold the boys while I took pictures, which, of course, turned out terrible because, of course, I don't check my ISO settings on my camera, which, of course, B always has to remind me of every time I get the camera out. I'm so lame.

So, here are "touched up" pics of this monumental event:

Liam cried for the most part. 
He is a little weary of weird, buzzing things touching his head. 
Although, Nat was amazingly quick and prepared for this situation.  

Finn was less irritated, but still preferred to be down on the floor playing...
or eating. 

More evidence of how lame I am, I haven't even taken official "after" pictures of the children, but I do have some pics of this morning's 4th of July neighborhood breakfast. Will you forgive me then? 

Never mind, you can't even see Liam's hair because of his helmet. 
Man, I'm so lame. 

Don't judge me. I basically rolled right out of bed, got the kids up, put on a hat, and walked with my family down to the breakfast celebration. 
Hey, it's a lot better than last year...two weeks before I delivered twins. 

Happy 4th of July! I love my country. 
I worry about it constantly and wonder about it's future.
But, I still have faith in the principles on which it was built. 
And I pray for this "land of the free" and "home of the brave" every day. 

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