Monday, April 22, 2013

In celebration of...

A lot has happened this past week. Liam and Finn turned 9 months old and my littlest sista Taylour had her 16th birthday. And prom. Which was her first date. Ever. Pretty neat, huh? 
Side Note: I am very proud of this here woman. She found a dress she loved. Mama ordered it online for a better price. It came 2 days before Prom. It didn't fit. She was stuck wearing W's old dress. And she still pulled it off beautifully. Sometimes hard things happen and we are sad and bummed out. But then we dust ourselves off and move forward. And that's what she did. 
We can do hard things.

She got to go with a good childhood friend, which made it even better. 

Last night we celebrated T and her birthday with a family dinner, balloon wishes, and sharing scriptures that remind of us of her. G & G Shaw joined us as well.

Oh Liam and Finn. You are 9 months. 9 MONTHS.
How did you get this big? How did time go this fast? 
Even when the days seem to creep along so slowly?

Finn, Ahem.
(Finn with Uncle Joey.)

You are crazy busy. You are full of life. You are going to be mobile soon and I don't know how I feel about that. I am bracing myself. Seriously, I am. You are already into things. You are already working at hyper-speed. You are already making me tired with your endless amount of energy. What is a mama to do? I guess just enjoy her little man that is so curious about the world around him. 
We took you and brother swimming at the Rec Center for the first time and you LOVED it. You watch kids around you run and play and you want so desperately to run and play with them. 
You are a "go and doer". And I love that about you. Even if it wears me out.

And then my little Liam.
(Liam with Grandma Shaw)

The truth is, you're not so little. But when we put you next to Finn, it seems that way. You are growing and learning so fast. You have figured out how to clap your hands and it is just the cutest. You also give "high fives". You also kill us with your cheesy smile. You are very sensitive and you love to be loved. You would be just fine if someone was holding you all the time. Especially Mama. You love me so much and I love you right back. You also love your brother. And he is learning to love you right back. ;) I have a feeling you two will be best buddies. As long as he isn't stealing your snacks or pulling or poking your arm, bib, helmet, or eyes, you adore him.

My baby sons, I love you. It's been an interesting month for you and I. Each stage is a learning process and we have to be patient. You two have started to acknowledge and play with each other. You have started "talking" to each other. Well, more like playful screaming, but it's still precious to watch. You both LOVE attention from Mama and Daddy. And have two teeth coming in on top. And have tried bananas, rice, bread, vienna sausages, and ice cream. And are now drinking juice out of sippy cups. And are almost too big for you car seats. And, and, and....

We think you are the best.

Happy 9 months babies.
(Did you see the newest detail on their helmets? Pretty cool, huh?)

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