Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Family members "shower" the babes

(Card made by Grandma Birch. Love it.)

Last Saturday was spent surrounded by those I love. Lori and Grandma Birch threw a baby shower for me and the babes. It was lovely. The decorations were fantastic, the food was yummy, and the company was entertaining. We received SO MANY wonderful things! 
B and I are so grateful for such a generous and creative family. 

(Me and one of my beautiful sisters. Bless my swollen face. And body.)

The days tend to blend together lately.
When I was going over the pics in my camera, I came across these:

We spent 4th of July morning with our neighborhood eating breakfast, listening to the mayor, watching the children's parade, and enjoying kids/parents getting sprayed with water 
by the local fire department.

Then we went to a movie. 
And then another movie. 
We figured we probably won't get to see another movie in the theater for a while, 
so why not live it up? Right? 

*The day ended with a phone call at 11:30 pm from Whit, informing us the hill behind our parent's house was on fire, but the fire dept responded fast and effectively. Grateful.
But not for idiots and fireworks.

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