Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Some "Joyful" words.

I think this blog is in need of some "joyful" words. The problem is, I've been waiting for the right mood. I know that sounds terrible. I have to credit sister T for hitting it on the nose. Sunday, she approached me and said "Megs, you just haven't been very happy lately. I'm glad you're happier." Momma turned to me after we left the Mt. Timpanogas temple on Saturday and said "Oh! I'm glad to have you back! The light is back in your face. The light is even back in Brandon's eyes!" I couldn't help but reflect on the past 3+ months and agree that my attitude has been a little "under the weather".  Also, that B has been the one to take most of the "hits". Poor guy.

I would like to announce that baby and I are doing better...which ultimately means B is doing better. We are out of the 1st trimester and the books keep telling me my nausea and vomiting ickiness should be clearing up...soon. For the most part, that has been true.

On Monday, we have our next doctor's appt. From there, we schedule the ultrasound that will tell us if we are having baby boy or baby girl Johnson. We. Are. Very. Excited. Grandparents feel it's a girl. Coworkers feel it's a boy. Brandon feels it's a human.

A couple of weeks ago we got our carseat and stroller delivered to our house. The day we decided to put it together, I was really REALLY sick. So, I laid on the couch in pain, while B installed everything by himself.  Even as uncomfortable as I was, I couldn't help but crush on him after this:

In summary, Life Is Good. It really is. I wish I was more in the "mood" to carry my camera around and document the adventures of our life right now. Photographs add so much more. But, alas, my camera still sits to the side of my desk, waiting for the day I decide to pick it up again.

Some things that could have been documented:
-Whit and Mom's birthday
-Sledding with some awesome kiddos
-Whit's endowment day
-The pork ribs we cooked for birthday dinner
-Snowy days and sunny days
-Almost 4 month pregnant belly (haha, yeah right.)

Good friend and amazingly talented Beth Havens sent us some pictures she took of our wedding weekend. Here are some of my favorites:

Oooh, man! These pictures make my heart jump. What a wonderful day and a wonderful man. 
Oh how I love him so. 

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  1. That close up of you holding your flowers is GORGEOUS! And I'm so glad you're starting to feel a little better. At the beginning of this post I was thinking, "Well, yeah she feels crappy EVERY SINGLE DAY!" My nausea never subsides until 20 weeks, so don't feel bummed if you still have bad days now and again. Hooray for baby gear! I remember getting our first stroller/carseat combo, it's so exciting! Congrats and good luck with everything. (In case you can't tell, I'm loving the baby updates)