Monday, March 12, 2012


Today I had a dr appt. B set the clock for 7:00 am and when it went off, I did not want to wake up. Then I remembered that I had waited too long yesterday morning to eat anything, which ironically made me throw up the bagel I did eat right before church. It was lovely.  So I hopped out of the shower, got semi-dressed, and quickly walked to the kitchen for a bowl of granola.  Then I remembered I promised B I would go the DMV with him after the appt. so we could change the address and name on my license. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Not. Fun. Not. Excited. Blah. B consistently reminds me after I throw a tantrum, that I have a choice: I can either deal with the DMV or not go to Florida in April (he purchased the flight tickets with the name Megan Johnson). Then I remind him that he shouldn't practice his parent voice on me...his wife. But, then I remind myself that he wouldn't need to if I didn't act like such a baby.

So, we headed out the door at 8:40 am and right when the garage opened, the sunshine was every where! Why does the sun make me so...happy? We got in the car and I turned on a little Eric Hutchinson and for just a moment, I wasn't nauseous, grumpy, bloated, or crying. For just a moment, it was perfect.

Dr. Larsen told us our "kiddo" was doing good and things looked perfect. He let us hear the heartbeat again. I got teary. Why is that sound so joyful? Back in the car, I got to munch on my new favorite thing: Special K Cracker Chips.  When we got to the DMV, I remembered why I procrastinated coming. Lines. Applications. A NEW PICTURE! Okay, thinking I had just BARELY renewed my license and they wouldn't take my picture AGAIN, I wasn't prepared at all. Luckily, I put on a little makeup and my hair looked okay...? Nope. I saw the picture and gasped. The worker giggled a little bit. Did she think I was funny or did she agree with me that I looked like a crack mom? IT. IS. AWFUL. I about cried the whole way home and B had to keep convincing me that no one was going to see it...except the TSA people, possibly the news if I ever go missing, etc. etc. etc. He was trying to be funny, but I was being dang serious when I told him "If I ever go missing, you PROMISE me you will NOT use this photo for anything. Promise me. Right now!"

Of course, B being the awesome guy he is, said he would buy me a chocolate Frosty before heading back. That calmed me right down and I was happy as a clown the rest of the way home.

Ha. And I wonder why my husband has to talk to me like I'm 5 sometimes. Weird, right?

(I finally finished editing father-in-law's tennis photos, August? I came across this one. It makes me so happy. Last night all these guys were making me laugh so hard. Grateful for awesome men in my life who are kind, loving, smart, and funny. Most of all funny. J/K. 
It does make FHE more enjoyable, though. :) )

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  1. I glad we can at least make you laugh (since we can't take away the nausea!)