Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Giving thanks never tasted so good!

This year, we spent Thanksgiving at G&G Shaw's. I think this might be the last year Grandma hosts this at her house. Everyone was there, except W. She gave thanks in the beautiful states of Connecticut and New York with her J man. We missed her TERRIBLY.

A couple of things to take notice of:

A) All my GORGEOUS cousins. Love them.
B) The delicious-looking pie on the left. I made it. Yep, believe it. Grandma taught me the day before. Yummy.
C) Can you tell people have a little "turkey coma" in the bottom picture? It even took over little baby Boston.

It's Christmastime!!!!

B had 4 DAYS OFF from work over Thanksgiving holiday!!!! 4 DAYS. We had Parker do our Black Friday shopping for us. He picked us up a little christmas tree and we decorated it that night. 
It makes me so happy inside. 

Don't pay attention to the bare walls or the lame tree skirt. I am going to make THIS. In the meantime, a plain sheet will have to do. 

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