Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Beautiful Life

It's Sunday morning. I'm looking out my window at the clear blue sky and the rays of sunshine that reflect off the white snow, thinking how beautiful snow can be when it's not touching me. This leads me to thoughts of yesterday...our snow day. We spent the morning cleaning. B never complains about helping me. In his words, it's more time to spend time with his love. In his words, spending time with his love is the best thing in the world. I thought about this as he stood bent over, scrubbing our toilet. I thought about this again when he was willing to strip down and rinse out the disinfectant I lathered over our shower. I thought about it again, and again, and again throughout the day. I made a mental note of all the tiny moments he's thoughtful, considerate, and loving towards me. I lost count. I woke up this morning to beautiful blue eyes watching me and snuggling me. I thought about the conversation we had last night about our future children. He's certain our children will be amazing. I love it when he talks about our family. I am grateful for his faith. Sometimes, all I need is to hear his reassurance to be comforted and at peace.

I decided to get out my camera this morning, because I liked the light. I took pictures of him. Because I'm totally loving this new hair-do he's rocking. The past couple of days, I've thought about my Beautiful Life. I know I spend too much time worrying about what I don't have, what could be better, or wasting so much energy on picking myself apart and focusing on my weaknesses. But, what's the point? Spending this weekend opening up to the beauty in my life has led to pure happiness, fulfillment, and never-ending love. I like this. I love this. I want this. And I have this. November is the month of Thanksgiving. I am Thankful for my Beautiful Life...and all it entails (trials, triumphs, ups, and downs). I am Thankful for the Gift of love, because it is a Gift. I am Thankful for Brandon. I love him...and I know he loves me.

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