Monday, October 17, 2011

The Party Goes On.

This afternoon, momma text me that she would like to have a "little" birthday celebration for B for FHE. She would provide the dinner and treats, if we brought the balloons. And so....the party continued. Of course, any opportunity to celebrate someone like B is a no-brainer.
He's pretty much the BEST.

I have to say, these two made the night a success. They spent hours cooking and preparing dinner. It was SO good. They prepared pear salad, rice, and chicken enchiladas with all kinds of yummy veggies. For dessert, they made ice cream cone cakes. W got the idea off pinterest (which seems to be the next big thing.) I was impressed!

Afterwards, B opened presents, each of us highlighted what we loved and appreciated about him, and then finished with the traditional birthday balloon launch. Kind of deja vu from last fun to share traditions among both our families!

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