Sunday, October 2, 2011

Laura Laura had a Birthday.

(W made the "white" version of "Better than ***" cake. 
We're not racist, dad just can't handle chocolate.)

Tonight we celebrated Laura's 15th birthday. Momma made really yummy food (ham, asparagus, funeral potatoes, fabulous green salad with onions, feta, and poppy seed dressing, rolls, and yams). We brought the balloons for our b-day balloon launch. When we went around the circle to say something we loved about Laura, I kept thinking "She's just my little sister and I love her!"

I think the best part was having everyone together, including this girlie:

She gets baptized this Friday. I am so proud of her and know this is only the beginning of Heavenly Father's plan for her. We love you Hailey!

In other news:

*I took a quick trip down to St. George. Just me. No B. I missed him terribly. What did I do the whole time? Sleep. Cafe Rio. Sleep. Watched some of GP's favorite shows. Sleep. Played Hand and Foot Foot. Sleep. Went to the St. George Temple. Sleep. Played more Hand and Foot Foot. Grandma beat me by 500 points. Sleep. Went home.

*About 30 minutes after I entered the front door, B and I headed down to Provo for Cougars VS. Aggies- Me dressed in BYU gear, B dressed in USU gear. To show how petty and dumb I am: Before the game I turned to B and said that if USU won this game, it's possible I would cry big ugly tears and be really upset. He said he wouldn't rub it in too hard. I just rolled my eyes. Then when BYU made the winning touchdown and I was jumping up and down while squeezing my mother-in-law (I might have peed my pants a little), I turned to B, who just smiled and said "Good game!" Wow. I mean, really? Could he be any more...GOOD???? If that were me, I would have been such a pooper. I would have ran to the car, slammed the door, and pouted the whole way home. I might fold my arms and give everyone the silent treatment. I can just see B tenderly touching my hand and me yelling "Don't touch me foo'!" Just kidding. Maybe. Poor, poor loser. That's what I'd be. But....we WON. So, I guess that was good...for both of us.

I don't know why, but this picture cracks me up every time I look at it. W + Ice cream = ?

*P.S. Did you not just love Conference this weekend? Some really good stuff.

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