Sunday, March 20, 2011

Brandon Johnson, the stud.

1. He stays up until 11 pm (on a work night) at my parents house as I snuggle and sob over old and dying family dog...only to find out the next day that Yoda (old and dying family dog) is running around, happy as a clown and execution has been stayed.

2. He will join in on ridiculous Shaw family traditions, like birthday balloon wishes and other crazy expressions of celebration. And I think he kind of likes it.

Dad's 50th Birthday: 1/9/2011
(p.s. I don't know what Park and Whit are doing.
I think he's doing what he does best: being gross.
And I think she's doing what she does best: threatening to punch him.)

3. He'll wear tight and uncomfortable khaki pants to a wedding reception of someone he doesn't know. And he'll do it with a smile.
(He'll even wear his BYU polo in support of yesterday's game...although his beloved Aggies lost. Such a trooper.)

4. He would do almost ANYTHING for these two. Even driving them to the store so they could pick up m&m's, chocolate milk, and potato chips. (He'll even pay for the m&m's if you ask nicely.)

5. He loves, loves, LOVES me. To the moon, is what he says.
I mean, any guy willing to sit down on a weekend night and watch "Emma" with his lovely wife is bound to be pretty much the "Stud of all Studs".
I love you B! Love, your Mrs. Johnson.

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