Saturday, December 3, 2016

It's Santa!

Kate REFUSED to get near this guy.

We had a big morning! 
Brandon's mom works at BYU 
and invited us to join her and B's dad at a Christmas Party 
that BYU put on for their faculty and staff. 
The best part? We got to meet Santa.

For these two little boys, it was very exciting.
They thought hard about what they wanted to ask him,
and when their turn finally came...they were star struck.

I say "finally", because it was a long wait in line.
But Santa is ALWAYS worth it.

And donuts and juice made it easier to stand for so long.

So did Grandma. :)

Of course we couldn't leave until we made a "quick" stop at the BYU store
and took a picture with our favorite mascot.

And Liam represented the Texas Longhorns.


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