Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015

This year, after getting the idea from some friends, B and I decided to make an advent calendar for December filled with things we wanted to do with the children. Activities included: Setting up the Christmas tree, putting lights on the house, getting a holiday ice cream treat (Cookie butter shake from AC is pretty amazing.), watching a Christmas movie, driving around the neighborhood to see the lights, getting out the Nativity set and talking about the birth of our Savior, building a gingerbread train, and some fun, festive activities with Grandparents...whatever they decided that would be. The children even got to meet Santa before he came to our house!

It was magical. 

After setting up the Nativity and having a simple discussion on why we celebrate Christmas and talking about the Savior's birth, we asked the boys "Can you tell mommy and daddy why we celebrate Christmas?" Liam piped up "Jesus gets on His race car and drives to Costco for us. He does that for us. He is so good!" There you go.

Grammy set aside a whole afternoon and evening to do Christmas crafts, make Christmas cookies, and read Christmas stories with the children. She was even prepared with the proper accessories for each kid- Kate included.

B's mom had a work Christmas party and we were invited to attend. Highlight of the night? Santa came to visit! He had a gift in his bag for each of us. Finn was a little hesitant at first, but when he saw that jolly man give Liam a gift, he had no problem going right up and sitting on Santa's lap. It's all about getting the present, folks.

The Monday before Christmas, we had the Shaw Family Christmas party. My aunt and uncle hosted this year and the boys were in heaven the minute Auntie Amy opened her box of cars, trucks, and motorcycles she had kept from when her kiddies were little. She made it clear her house was made for running, laughing, and playing- music to any mama's ears, am I right? We came. We ate. We played. And there were sleeping babies in the back seat all the way home from Ogden to Saratoga Springs. :)

Other highlights? Marcus and Mia recipients of Shaw Perpetual Education Fund and grandkids trying to "teach" Grandma how to use her new iPhone.

Christmas Eve, we headed to the Johnson's and ate Cafe Rio, read Luke 2 and 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, wrote down our "gift" to the Savior for the coming year, opened presents, and had some yummy treats to end the night!

Christmas morning, we opened our gifts from Santa and ate some cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Afterwards, we got ready and headed to my parents for some Christmas brunch and presents. The day ended with Papa helping us put up some big boy beds for Liam and Finn. We were all so exhausted, it was lights out pretty soon after!

Are you tired yet? 

What a wonderful Christmas season we had!
Bring on 2016...

Wishing all our loved ones a 
Happy New Year!

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