Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Upcycling: DIY Halloween Banner

Upcycling. Love everything about it. Of course, I'm not a professional crafter and decorator and will never profess to have the "gift", but I do like cute things, I do like to be creative, and I do like cute and creative things that don't cost me a bundle. As Halloween approaches, I've been on the lookout for some new decorating pieces at the thrift stores. I found a few and tried to figure out ways to make what I already have work. Pinterest inspired me to make a little DIY Halloween banner for my fireplace mantle. I went into the craft room and looked at what I had:

I tore out 6 pages from the old book and cut out a triangle on the bottom of each page, using a ruler to measure evenly and cut straight. Next, looking at what letters I had left over, I decided to spell out the word "Boo!". I peeled off the stickers and placed them on the different pages/flags. I measured my string on my mantle and then cut the desired length. I turned the pages over and taped them to the string, then took two small pieces of tape and taped the banner to my mantle.

Finished Project:

Sorry, this is a terrible picture. I was in a hurry, mostly because I had two little boys crying and throwing toys across the room and causing all sorts of mess and stress. All the other pieces are things I've gathered over the years, except the painting on the right. Last night, I found a picture on Pinterest, grabbed a left-over canvas I had in the closet, and headed to a friend's house to get my acrylic painting on! It turned out better than I thought it would- considering I have zero artistic ability.

Also, you'll notice the crate of books on the bottom. The children and I picked up some Halloween picture books at Savers for $.69/each It's fun and festive to have them out and accessible to read throughout October! I also found my stash of Matthew Mead Halloween magazines and placed them on the side table for a little more decor and inspiration. Please don't mind the empty Nate Berkus frame (Target clearance find) sitting behind. I have yet to fill it with a picture of my scrumptious monkeys. :)

Speaking of Matthew Mead, here's some lovely decorating advice:

"I love to poke through my craft supplies, unearth items in the basement, and rediscover cast-off pieces in the attic. And because my home is always in design transition, I like to repurpose items as something new and different." 

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