Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Big Blue Ball Club...and the legend continues.

When I was about 10 or 11 years old, I received some money for my birthday and decided to spend it on a big, blue ball that I ordered from a kid's toy magazine. My mom told to me when it would arrive in the mail and I waited anxiously, even impatiently, especially when it didn't arrive the day she said it would.

When it finally came, I gathered all my little neighbor friends as my mom blew it up with my dad's air compressor in the garage. After it was completely inflated, we took turns bouncing and jumping on it. Pretty soon, we created The Big Blue Ball Club, of which I was the self-appointed president and others were nominated for VP, secretary, etc. We would have "meetings" on our back porch and discuss who and what times people could play on/with the ball. Eventually, the neighbor boys decided to join the club, but were "banned" from any further meetings because they only seemed to care when we brought out the treats -which were usually Snack chocolate pudding cups, tortilla chips, and/or Kool Aid.

Last night, we brought home some free weights and a red exercise ball.

It was a big deal- especially to Liam.

As I watched this little boy intensely wait for B to blow it up and seriously light up when he could roll it around and bounce it and viciously protect the red ball from his brother, I wondered if the legend of my childhood club lives on? He threw a complete fit when he had to leave the ball to go to bed and when we gave him a bath this morning, we had to keep the ball just outside the bathroom door, so it was in his sight. He even kept worriedly pointing at it and looking at me so I could reassure him the ball wasn't going anywhere. 
Liam loves this ball. He loves it like I loved my big, blue ball.

And the legend continues...

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