Monday, February 24, 2014

A Red Vine Afternoon

got Red Vines?

(iPhone photo taken by Auntie Whit. What you don't see are bright red fingers and 
Liam passed out in the adjacent carseat from a licorice coma.
That or lack of a morning nap.)

Big changes have arrived: 1 nap a day and binkies only at bedtime. It's been a little rough- even for mama. But, we move forward and each day gets a little better...for the most part. :) To help pass the morning, we decided to do some grocery shopping, then make our Monday rounds to visit Great Grandparents. The boys were very good at the store, so we all enjoyed some Red Vines. It was Liam and Finn's first time experiencing such a delicious treat and, as you can see by Finn's face, it was received quite well. We picked auntie up before heading to Great Grandma Shaw's house and when she got in the car and saw this guy, she just had to capture the moment. 

When I have Whit with me, it's like my second pair of hands. To my children, she's just a second mama. It's been awesome to have her available to help out since they were born. Have I mentioned she is moving to Plymouth, New Hampshire in July? It's days like these that I think about not having her with us and my heart breaks a little. We will miss her and Joey and Franklin like MAD, but we are happy and excited for their new adventure. It just means annual summer vacations back East to visit Johnson family relatives in Maine and spend some time at Lake Winnipesaukee! 

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