Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A run for my money...and everything else I don't want broken!

Twins. You are almost 14 months old and, boy, there's little rest.

On Sunday morning, I woke up around 5:30 am with a bit of anxiety. Anxiety about taking you to Stake Conference, which takes place between 10 am - 12 pm, which is the exact time that your morning naps take place. Church is really kicking our fannies right now and I need to readjust my expectations. Majorly.

Neither of you are walking yet, but you like to "walk" with the assistance of items around the house, i.e, chairs, boxes, and garbage cans. You never, NEVER sit still unless you're pretty tired, and even then, it's for about a maximum of 30 seconds. You have figured out how to crawl up the stairs, but not down. Liam, you have taken a head dive off your changing table. Finn, you have taken a head dive off your highchair and our bed.  Finn, you were introduced to "timeout" last week when you continued to hit and push your brother down. Liam, you were introduced to "timeout" yesterday when you bit your brother really hard on his arm, almost breaking the skin.

Finn, you know how to open doors. And that scares your parents. Liam, it's only a matter of time and you'll be right along with him. Because you guys are really into that lately. You know, the "do things together and gang up on mom" thing. It's cute, until it's complete chaos. Then, it's just...chaos.  And Grandpa and Grandma J's porcelain vase gets broken. And garbage is strewn about the hallway. And your dad's keys have gone missing. And my magazines are shredded behind the couch. And the bathtub faucet is running in our bathroom. And all the floor vents have been removed. And my nice dinner napkins, measuring cups, and dish towels have been reassigned to the kitchen floor.

Is it any wonder your dad comes home to a puddle of a wife?

Toddlerhood. We're approaching it. 


  1. As the song says: "You're gonna miss this..." I know it's hard to believe now, but those times go way too fast. Even for us guys!

  2. Little boys will always be more important than vases.

  3. OH mama! Hang in there! It seems like it's going to last forever, but it doesn't. My babies just discovered the drawers and cabinets open, and that there are things in them...loud things that are so fun to scatter all over the floor when I'm making dinner. I totally get it. You can do hard things :) (That's what I repeat to myself every day!) Ha!