Monday, October 15, 2012

A Blessing for My Babies


Dear Liam and Finn,

Yesterday you were blessed by your incredible father, with righteous men surrounding. He reminded you that you were born into a family that loves you very much. He blessed you to make good choices, serve faithfully in your responsibilities, and to have inspiration to do good in the world. He blessed each of you to be a righteous father and husband and to love your wife and children. He blessed you to be the best you can be. 

On your special day, family and close friends gathered to celebrate your birth and blessing. 
This is what they had to say:

(Thanks to Laura Thackeray for her filming abilities.)

Babes, I hope you always know how loved you are. Not just by your parents, but by so many. You have come into this world at a time when courage, hope, and faith are greatly needed. 
Be that force.

We love you Liam. I cannot get enough of your "chatter". Just today I laid you in the cradle while I worked on the computer. 2 minutes later, you were cooing and making all sorts of noises. When I turned to look at you, you were smiling to yourself. I pray you never lose your voice. I think it will be one of your great gifts. You are strong, I can already tell. You had a rough start at the beginning and your mama and daddy worried about you a lot. But, we soon realized that when we let you do things in your own time, you arrive at your goal strong and healthy. 

Finn, we love you. Grandma Shaw constantly comments that you have a naturally pleasant nature. That's why she worries so much when you are unhappy. You have the biggest smile and it catches us off guard when we look down at your face. It's like we forget everything else, because it makes us so happy to see that huge grin and those beautiful blue eyes. I have heard you laugh twice and it melted my heart. We know that big noggin is difficult to manage, but we keep reminding you it's holding a big brain. I pray you never lose your positivity. The world needs more of it.

My boys, I am madly in love with your tiny faces. I can't help smooching them every time I pick you up from your crib, the changing table, your carseat, swing, or basically anywhere else. You watch me so closely these days. We have become little buddies and I honestly, sincerely feel you are two of my best friends. 

Loving you more than ever,


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