Sunday, December 26, 2010

Recipe for a Great Christmas

Considering that our wedding is less than three week away, Christmas this year was kind of put on the back burner. That doesn't mean, though, awesome memories weren't made and gifts weren't given with love and tenderness. It was a smaller Christmas this year, but still full of joy and happiness as we spent time with family and friends, celebrating the birth of our Savior.

Here's my recipe for a Great Christmas:

#1 An epic Christmas Eve breakfast, filled with
Did I mention that I LOVE him? Okay, because I do. Def do.

#2 Annual Christmas Eve snowshoeing hike to Donut Falls up Big Cottonwood Canyon (it's time to hit the pavement again, because those hills kicked my fanny WAY too hard.)
It was the whole Fam minus one fabulous mama, as she thoroughly enjoyed some much-needed peace and quiet in a home deserted of needy children and husband.

Can't imagine why, can you?
Fact: We're nothing but a bunch of loonies.
Fact: Spending too much time with us could make you're
face look like this.
Fact: There's no hope for B. He's a goner.
#3 A pleasant Christmas Eve night out with the in-laws. The Johnson's treated us to a lovely dinner at Olive Garden and presents back at their house. Of course I was too lame to remember my camera to document such events. The evening was topped off with happy tears (in-laws presented me and B with our gifts: framed picture of the Salt Lake Temple and hand-made sign that read: Dreams do come true. Prayers are answered. Miracles do happen) AND a legit game of Uno. Ask me who won. Go on, ask me. Need you even guess- OF COURSE it was I ... Uno Champion of the Universe. Eat that Brandon Johnson. :)

#4 A happy Christmas morning, full of really awesome Mickey Slurps and morning breath. After about the first 30 minutes, I started to wake up and thoroughly enjoyed the new 55-200 mm lens B got me for my camera and license plate cover "Brigham Young University Alumni". Of course my gifts to B weren't nearly as exciting- slippers, clothes, and a gift basket full of Warm Vanilla scent (okay, for me to wear as a gift to him :) ) Am I lame? Possibly.

NOT these pics, though. They are the epitome of Christmas morning at the Shaw household. Epitome.
say cheese...

If there is anything I remember worthwhile from Kate Gosselin, it's this:

It may be a crazy life, but it's our life.

Ha. And so it is.
(just minus the 8 screaming kids, trendy blonde hairdos, and paparazzi bikini pictures.)
Ok, I'll stop.
For the record: I really REALLY liked that show, until it got very VERY sad.
I am so SO grateful for the family I do have and the eternal bonds we have to each other, which are the foundation to our happiness. We are not perfect. But we rely on the gift of the Gospel to keep those special ties strong and immovable. How excited I am to continue this legacy of love and strength with my amazing future husband and children.

Fact: Families can be TOGETHER FOREVER.

#5: A Christmas evening with the Birch and Johnson families. We gathered together at B's aunt and uncle's house for good food, games (including Seinfeld Scene It, Scategories, and a game called "Things". Unfortunately B won that one, with me coming in close second.), and laughing. I don't think there is anything better than gut laughing OVER and OVER again with the ones you love! I am so glad to be part of this great family- love them!

Last, but not least, ingredient for a GREAT CHRISTMAS:

#6 A good-night snuggle session and kiss, with the love of your life whispering "I love you." in your ear. I submit there is NO better way to end the season! ;)


Now the REAL count-down begins....19 MORE DAYS!!!!!!! And a post entitled "The up's and down's of wedding planning: How to keep a healthy sleep schedule and help your man STAY up and interested in wedding details for the next 2 1/2 weeks."
Bless his little patient heart. He's been a champion.

Happy New Year, because it is for us!

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