Thursday, August 6, 2009

You're a Shaw? Can I see your Mickey Slurp?

When my little bro (P) was about 3 years old, he recieved his "big boy" bed, decorated with Mickey & Friends. He even had a pillow case that had a big picture of Mickey's face. Thus, every time P would wake up with a big ol' cowlick on the back of his head, dad would say "Hey! Great Mickey Slurp!" History was in the making and today we have "slurps" abounding abundantly around the Shaw household.

I was reminded of this when T came downstairs the other morning before I left for work. On the back of her head was a BIG OL' mickey slurp. In fact, it looked a little more like Mickey puked instead of slurped . . . bless her heart. It's not her fault- it's just part of her genes. All mom could say was "Oh sweetie . . ." All I could say was "I need my camera!" After chasing T around, clicking and laughing, the desire to find more "slurps" grew stronger inside. I ran upstairs to find P "almost" awake. This was good, because he believed me when I said "I need to take a picture of you- it's for a project." He sat up and . . . Oh, yeah! P did NOT disappoint! CA-peesh!! Meg and mom gave it 2 thumbs way, WAY up!

At this point, P questioned what exactly my project was. My response "You'll see" provoked a suspicious look and response "Do NOT post this on your blog! Megs . . .Megggaaan . . !"

No worries, P. No worries. ;)

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